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Hööks Academy
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  • 60 days money back guarantee
  • Dispatch in 1-2 days
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  • Minimum order value 50 €
Hööks Academy
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For the body protector to work optimally, it's important that it fits you and your body; it cannot be too large. When you test your protector, it is best if you wear a thin jumper so that the protector gets as close to the body as possible. The protector must cover the breast bone and collar bones, with the front section extending two to three centimetres below the lowest rib, about two finger widths. It should not restrict you from bending over. The back section must cover everything from the atlas vertebra down to the caudal vertebra. Try sitting in the saddle before you decide on a protector. It is important that the protector is not too long so that it catches and rides up when you sit in the saddle. This will make it uncomfortable and unsafe to ride with.

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